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With Love, Lola Care Services

With Love, Lola LLC
With Love, Lola Care Services



  • Are you currently expecting or preparing for baby?

  • Are you finding your first week a bit overwhelming, or maybe you have lingering questions?

  • Perhaps it's 2am, and your little one is wide-awake while you and your partner are struggling with exhaustion. 

No worries- Lola has you covered!

"Providing Education,
& Promoting Self-Care"

With Love, Lola Care Services
  • Life changes after birth, and the transition from Pregnancy to Parenthood can be a major adjustment. Sometimes it’s comforting to New Parents just knowing that the total weight of “what to do” doesn’t have to always, totally be on their shoulders.

  • With Love, Lola offers a range of care services tailored to mothers & their newborns in preparation for and during the postpartum period. These efforts are accomplished through providing education, support, & promoting self-care by "Doing all things with LOVE." 1 Corinthians 16:14

View Services- Lola would Love to Help!

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